The massage rooms at the Tea House are sky-lit, warm and inviting. We are indebted to a diverse and experienced staff of professional massage therapists.

Massage (The Tea House operates on a 55 minute hour.)
$55 for a half hour massage
$80 for a one hour massage
$120 for a one and a half hour massage
$140 for a two hour massage
$10 additional for half hour/one hour: Deep Tissue/Pre-Natal
$20 additional for hour and a half/two hour: Deep Tissue/ Pre-Natal

Couples Special:
One hour spa with two one hour massages…$180
(The massages will be in separate one person massage rooms.)

*Couples Special can also be one half, one and one half and two hour length massages. Please ask for quote.

Massage is available by appointment from 11am to 10pm daily.